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This medicine was first introduced in 1977 by a pharmaceutical company in Germany; it took 20 years to get this medication being available worldwide. This medication has one tenth the power morphine, and hence it suppresses any moderate pain easily while it struggles to completely resolve the severe pain issue.


It is a medicine meant specifically to deal with severe levels of pain. This medicine should be taken under prescription only. It gives an instant relief to anyone suffering from severe pain. Tramadol works by creating confusion in your brain about how to respond to muscle pain which results in magically getting rid of any muscle pain.

Dosage and Consumption

This medication is often consumed with paracetomal to increase its efficiency of dealing with the pain. This medication can be taken on repetitive dosage of every 4 hours if dealing with chronic pain conditions.

Side Effects

This medicine does have some side effects like nausea, which could be avoided if not consumed on empty stomach. The doctors prescribe it with lower dosage to check the relief of patient, and if it is not sufficient to suppress the pain, the dosage is increased variably to match the satisfaction point.


This medication should not be taken when alcohol is consumed or suffering with breathing issues, blockages in stomach or to be mixed with any other sedative drug as it can be dangerous. Long term usage of this medication may get your body addicted to it, causing the withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, paranoia, panic attacks.