Is the packaging discreet?

Yes. All Packaging is plain and has no reference to the contents inside or to the online doctor brand.

Is the service confidential?

100%. We keep our communication with you to a minimum. Most of our communication is done via email and we never mention any confidential information relating to your treatment in our emails.

Are the medications you provide genuine?

Yes. We offer treatments from all the major drug manufacturers including Pfizer®, GSK®, Bayer®, Merck®, Lilly® & Roche®. and many more

How quickly can I get my medication?

If you place an order before 4pm between Monday and Friday, we will process that order the same day. This means it will be dispatched on the next day using the fastest delivery option.
Orders places on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on following Monday
Typically delivery time could be around one week.

How do I take the medicine?

When we send out medication we provide you with detailed instructions on how to take the medicine.